Legislation We Support:

Iowans United for Opportunity is proud to endorse Senate Study Bill 1004 and House File 349: Education, Workforce and Discharge Credits for People on Probation.
This legislation will improve Iowa’s probation system by creating a system of evidence-based earned time credits whereby individuals on probation can reduce their probation term by remaining compliant throughout their probation term; pursuing education and vocational training; and seeking and maintaining employment.
Individuals on probation could earn:
  • A 90-day reduction in their probation term for completing a qualifying educational activity, to include earning a high school diploma, a high school equivalency certificate, academic degree, or completing a certified vocational, technical, or career education or training program; 
  • A 30-day reduction in their probation term for each 6 months of verifiable employment averaging at least 30 hours a week; and 
  • A 14-day reduction in their probation term for each full calendar month the defendant is in compliance with their probation terms. 

By advancing educational credits for people on probation, Iowa would encourage people to take accountability for their actions and to carve out a new future for themselves and their families – one in which they are able to hold down a stable job and contribute to the community, all while growing Iowa’s economy and reducing recidivism in the process.

Projected Impact: